"Explore, learn, give, discover...wander"

Who is Wanderland Travel?

Wanderland was founded out of a deep respect for nature and a desire to see travel have a positive impact.  The founders, Stewart Lasseter, Eric Nelson, John Griffin, and Brice Jones, took their own camaraderie and used it to cement the first bricks together.  We have developed a not-for-profit, fair-trade oriented, volunteerism and educational adventure platform with offerings up and down the Americas.

Stewart W. Lasseter -  Created Wanderland and its many program offerings from his experiences in field based education.  His work with Northern Arizona University, Prescott College, Yavapai College, Road Scholar / Elderhostel, The Grand Canyon Field Institute, and other 'edventure' programs made full use of his broad 'generalist' education.  His work in these not-for-profit field education programs convinced him that adventure and philanthropy can trek hand-in-hand.

Stewart's undergrad work is in Writing, Geology and Spanish.  His Graduate studies explore Wellness and Experiential Learning.  With a wilderness and guide resume that descends rivers, climbs mountains, and rolls backroads throughout the Americas, he has a vision for Wanderland that includes you, education, and adventure!

His work in educational travel, language education, travel consulting, and volunteer program development covers the US from East to West and extends south to Baja Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Perú, Chile and Argentina.  He is a specialist on Southwestern Parks and Monuments and also on Chile from tip to toe.  Stewart invites you to share in these precious lands that desperately need your attention and understanding.

Stewart invites you to Wander with a Purpose!


Eric Nelson, PhD - Eric Nelson was born and raised in Minnesota. He attended the liberal arts college of St. Olaf and received a double major in Biology and Chemistry with a concentration in the Visual Arts. He later received his PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Rochester in New York. After receiving his PhD Eric moved to Colorado and did his postdoctoral work at the University of Colorado Medical Center until 2003. As a scientist Eric authored 14 peer-reviewed articles and 20 abstracts in various areas of cardiac function, drugs of addiction, cancer, and bioinformatics.

During his time in Colorado, Eric started the company SlickRockWeb Inc. as an offshoot of his developing interest in Google and internet search technology. He would later be hired by the University of Colorado to implement a novel search engine optimization (SEO) project.

The success of that project allowed Eric to eventually transition full time into the operation of his new SEO and Internet Marketing company. SlickRockWeb Inc.has grown to manage clients in all areas of business including travel and tourism and in three different countries with an over 95% retention rate. The

breadth of services that SlickRockWeb offers has grown to cover almost all areas of emerging technologies and the majority of this has been related to the Travel and Tourism industry.

Eric grew up with a love of camping, canoeing and winter survival in Minnesota and later experienced the Rocky Mountains via mountain biking, hiking, skiing and camping. He has traveled throughout Europe, the UK and Scandinavia and has presented scientific research in Australia, Canada, and Japan. His more recent work with SlickRockWeb Inc. has taken him to South Africa, Belize, Costa Rica, and Canada.

Eric’s participation in the creation and development of Wanderland Travel has been a logical and natural progression from all of his varied interests and love of education and exploration of new cultures.