"Explore, learn, give, discover...wander"

Donations for our Projects and Scholarships

Wanderland is a 501c3 Public Charity and is able to receive charitable donations.  Donations can take the form of money, certain material goods, and/or of the value of your time invested providing us with certain professional services.  See below, please.

How does it work?  Follow the DONATE button below!  Charitable donations of $250 and less do not require that we provide you with substantiation receipts. (And this is true for multiple donations of $250 and less from the same donor.)  However, we will respond to every donation, large or small, with many thanks and a receipt if you like.  For donations above $250 we immediately provide any and all substantiation information that you require.

What will we accomplish with your donations?

Donations to Wanderland are necessary for both general operating cost and for specific projects that we are working on.

Some of our project needs:

$ -Scholarships for qualifying students.

$ -Attending conferences associated with our mission: education, sustainable travel, fair trade, land conservancy.

$ -Materials for Our Programs - light agricultural tools, new camping equipment, slightly used backpacks, mountain bikes, general office.

∞ - Bikes For Kids - N. Arizona, El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina,  Chile - Native American Reservations, Schools, Clubs

Your donations also help Wanderland Travel's not-for-profit friends and partners.  Through our development of 'travel with a purpose' itineraries, our conservancy efforts, our scholarship fund, our philanthropic projects, and the continued development of quality 'fair trade travel' options your donations will filter down to local communities.

Other donation suggestions:

$ - Automobiles in good working condition that we can raffle at fundraising events.

$ - Recent model 15 passenger vans with relatively low mileage - the workhorse of our industry.

$ - Trailers - box or flatbed - in good working order -- for use in running our educational and volunteer programs.

$ - Airfare for our attendance to conferences and trade shows.

$ - Printing Services for Brochures and Post Cards

$ - Legal counsel by qualified NGO lawyers for successful ongoing 501c3 operations by Wanderland.

$ - Accounting Assistance  by qualified NGO accountants for successful ongoing 501c3 operations by Wanderland.

Thank You for visiting our Donations Page.  We hope to be hearing from you soon and helping you to direct your tax dollars to our goals of providing enriching experiences to all walks of life, blending education and service into travel, and promoting and protecting biodiversity through advocacy for lands protection.