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2 Sep 2015
by slasseter
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A some point around the year 1300 an ancient artist pecked this image onto a basaltic boulder in North-Central Arizona.  A right foot with a wandering line, the hint of a W.







No one knows what this man or woman was thinking in making this enduring message.  It is one of dozens of enigmatic rock art pieces in the same boulder field.  What is certain is that this image or symbol had significance to the artist, who must have spent hours on just this one depiction.  We chose to listen to the local tribal interpretations and heard that this symbol designates foot travel for some peoples.  The trailing design attached to the big toe is a distance of travel.   Whatever its meaning we know that it comes from a time and place when foot travel was the only travel, and that is an ideal we want associated with our ideas.
A local archaeologist, James Moses, donated his time to rendering this image accurately but with some modifications for our logo.  We are indebted to Jim Moses of Antigua Archaeology for his artwork.  The pointillist approach that is standard for technically rendering rock art for science is  a laborious point-by-point rendition of the textures of the original rock surface and the pecked-away design from so long ago...






We are honored to be collaborating with our nameless original artist of centuries ago.  We hope that our interpretation of its significance as a 'journey across country' makes sense to you as well.  Ancient rock art is, ultimately, undecipherable.  We all love a good Mystery.

1 Comment

  • I recently saw Steward Lasseter wearing one of your tee shirts with the Wonderland Logo. I would love to purchase one. Can you help me with that? Thank You, -Jim

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