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Volunteering and Service Learning Programs

Wanderland Service Learning -- Volunteer Adventures


United States

Havasupai Service Learning Adventure

Volunteering in the gardens of the elders of the Havasupai Tribe in Grand Canyon.  Hike

deep into the gorge and find this shangri-la of Arizona.  Spring and Fall.



Patagonia Community Gardens

Developing organic gardens in grade schools in the region of San Martin de los Andes.

Exploring the Araucarian and Lakes Districts of Northern Patagonia.  Nov. -  Feb.



Cochamó Valley Trekking For Trail Improvement

Help improve backpacker's trails and signage in this remote granite stronghold.



Atacama Region of Chile, Cultural Resource Preservation

Volunteering in remote towns in the Chilean altiplano to help protect valuable rock art sites and other cultural remains from the impact of increased visitation.  Aug.- Oct.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica and Central America - Biodynamic & Organic Farming Model

Workshop on biodynamic farming and associated practical project.    Year round.



Costa Rica and the Americas - Seed Saving and Biodiversity Preservation

Workshop on Seed Saving Procedures and Associated Project.  Explore local delights.

Wanderland is very excited to be working with Finca Luna Nueva Lodge in Costa Rica.  "Finca Luna Nueva Lodge is a sustainable rainforest eco-lodge hotel, offering an intimate experience of primary rainforest together with a certified organic biodynamic farm."



Mayan Permaculture in Guatemala

How to make sustainable communities permanent - Permaculture!

Explore the Lake Atitlán region, learn, and practice with the Mayan people.



Peruvian Eco-Village Volunteering Edventure

Trek into the Madre Selva Rainforest and live with these remote eco-villagers.

Practice sustainability and explore the Cuzco and Machu Picchu treasures of Perú.


More about our partners:

Our volunteering programs are only as strong as our partnerships with local communities and organizations.

The Havasupai Tribe in Arizona

IMAP Guatemala

Sircadia Eco-Village in Peru

Voluntary Horizons in Chile and Argentina

Finca Luna Nueva Lodge - Costa Rica.  We currently are working on three very special programs in conjunction with this lovely destination in the well-known Lake Arenal region of Costa Rica.

Luna Nueva Organic Lodge in Costa Rica

First, a very important voluntourism project.  Come to CR and learn about the Luna Nueva Model for Organic Biodynamic Agriculture and its applications for sustainability.  Then help us to implement the very same model in one of our project locations in Central America.

Next, we are providing a combined seminar and project on the Luna Nueva / New Chapter Seed Savers Sanctuary.   The Sacred Seeds Challenge.

As well, we invite you to immerse in a week of Spanish Language Immersion through the retreat and Spa at Luna Nueva.  This will be the first in a series of active language learning vacations through our Español Aventurero series.