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Archaeology Travel Edventures

We offer many programs that instruct on or include archaeology, archaeological preservation, and the exploration of ancient cultures.  Our Archaeology Education Series offers road based and service-oriented educational programs.

The Wanderland Archaeology Series

El Encanto           


The Great Mural Region Pictographs Baja California Mexico Rock Art Expedition

Arguably the most amazing ancient art in the Americas.  Trek or horseback.

Takes 8-months to obtain government permission; get your group together now!


Southwest Rock Art Series  From Moab, UT, amazing rock art central, to the 4 directions.

Expeditionary Archaeology -- Petroglyphs and Pictographs of the West, SW & Mexico.

We visit protected sites on public and private lands - we only access sites will full permission and guidance.  A respectful exploration of pre-historic and historic Native American art, its science & significance.

Rock Art of the Andes of Capricorn  - Expedition to View Remote Rock Art sites in the Altiplano, Chile.  Coming Soon!

Other Wanderland Programs With Archaeological Aspects

Perú Eco-Village Volunteer Adventure   Includes Cuzco and Machu Picchu!



Atacama Service Learning   Includes the Archaeology of the Atacama in Chile and Bolivia.



Permaculture in Guatemala   Work With the Maya and Visit Tikal!



Biking the Land of Perpetual Springtime – Atacama Region Bike Touring – Custom!



Wanderland is dedicated to preserving the archeological treasures of our world.   Our archaeology programs are aimed at site preservation, community sustainability, and scientific inquiry.  Cultural resource education and preservation is a vital part of our mission.

Explore the world's archaeological treasures with us.  Our hosts and speakers are talented educators and interpreters of history and their mission is to turn you on to the treasures of the ancient world.

Responsibility Presenting the world’s archaeological treasures to a public audience comes with a large degree of responsibility.  We are bound to not in any way impact these sites.  Just like the Hippocratic Oath, "First, do no harm."  At the same time, these places need your attention.  Visitation and preservation in balance is what we seek.

When you travel to archaeological sites with us expect that our trip leaders will be assiduous in protecting the sites from our impact, and just as enthusiastic in sharing with you its vital importance to local people. Wanderland travels respect the rights of indigenous peoples, their beliefs, and their perspectives.

Tourism, archaeology, and native cultures can co-exist amicably.  In most cases there are no better stewards of cultural treasures than the living relatives of those peoples.  Our programs support these local stewards.

At Wanderland, developing responsible travel destinations means zero impact…

Rock Art –  The Enduring Mystery

Wanderland World Rock Art Destinations

Petroglyphs, pictographs, geoglyphs, arborglyphs, even grafitti are ancient systems of communication charged with mystery and intention that exist by the millions across our planet's rocky outcrops.  Wanderland wants to be your ambassador to these google messages and to help you find what they have to say to you.

We want to invite you to explore with us, and help us to protect, rock art where ever it is found.  Let’s find out why these places are worth saving.

Our World Rock Art Adventures feature private preserves, national parks, UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites, and many roadside surprises.

Wanderland Travel wants to lead you to these sigils of "former cognitive universes” .

Our highly trained interpretive guides  will help to relate and interpret the relevant historical contexts of the sites you visit.

World Rock Art Adventures

Look for these destinations in 2014 and 2015:

The Great Mural Region of Baja California, The Capricornian Andes, Gobustan National Park,  Mazatlan Toltec Inscriptions, Easter Island, Petroglyphs and Pictographs of The American Southwest,  Boca de Potrerillo, MX.