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Patagonia Service Learning - Huilo Huilo Preserve, Chile

Atacama Service Learning - Community Preserves, Chile

Trek/Kayak - Pumalín National Park, Chile, Conservancy Land Trust

Valenzuela Ranch Birding - Private Conservancy, Mexico

Trans-Andes MTB Challenge -  Cañi, Huilo Huilo

Cochamó Trekking - Conservación Cochamó

Southwest Rock Art - The Archaeological Conservancy

Conservancy is the practice of placing in trust of a protectorate organization family, corporate, and state lands.   Conservators tend to focus especially on those lands and historic sites that are culturally or ecologically significant, and/or that are severely impacted.  Through endowments and donations protectorate organizations, 'conservancy land trusts', purchase or lease lands based on a mission to identify and protect unique and ecologically valuable landscapes, whether it be site-specific, local, regional, or across the globe.

Trusts have been formed for many reasons, the ones that concern Wanderland address biological, geographical, historical, archaeological, cultural, religious, and architectural site preservation.

A few of the most recognizable names in this philanthropy are The Nature Conservancy, The Patagonia Land Trust, The Archaeological Conservancy, The Rails-To-Trails Conservancy, Y2Y - the Yellowstone to Yukon Corridor, and The Trust For Historic Preservation.

Participate In Conservancy with Wanderland

The preservation of these valuable acquisitions often depends on their self-sustainability.  Through our Conservancy Exploration Program Series we invite you to visit and enjoy these amazing state, federal, and private preserves.  The deep-dark jungle?  No!  We know you will be pleasantly surprised by the comfortable welcome that our destination sites will provide you.  Our hosts call these lands home, and open their homes to you.

Wanderland Travel is dedicated to raising awareness of conservancy acquisitions and their importance to the ecological puzzle.  We provide potential donors, conservancy aficionados, and all intrepid travelers an avenue to encounter the best of conservancy through site visitations and up to two-week expeditions covering several such preserves.

All of our Wanderland treks strive to secure the future for parks, preserves, reserves and conservancy easements.  We work closely with several specific conservancy efforts and through our education and donations have helped to promote their causes significantly.

There are hundreds of conservancy efforts in the U.S. and abroad to date.  The number of properties that is now currently held by these entities is in the tens of thousands.   The number of total acres, sections, townships, and hectares that are in these preserves numbers in the hundreds of millions.  Conservancy groups are at the forefront of biodiversity protection.