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UNESCO Programs

Wanderland and UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Our dedication to travel with a purpose and educational travel goes hand in hand with the UNESCO educational mission that has given the world, to date, hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  UNESCO – The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is dedicated to the overarching goal “To build peace in the minds of men.”  By fomenting Education, Social and Natural Science, and Communication among its 193 member states, UNESCO provides us a bold standard to follow.  At the Wanderland Travel Organization we align ourselves with these same goals and share in the responsibility by assisting recognition and sustainability of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites program.

Wanderland and UNESCO

The Baja Peninsula Top to Bottom

The Gray Whales of Baja and the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve

Baja's Great Mural Region Pictographs

Trans-Andes MTB Tour - The Valdivian Rainforest

Biking the Land of Perpetual Springtime - The Qapac Ñan

Grand Canyon Programs

While you could travel anywhere, that’s not the point, is it?  You’ve studied the glossy menus of the choicest travel destinations.  Where to start?  A good first recognition is that there are places that draw your attention and there are places that need your attention.  Interestingly, where these desires overlap we are finding UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

While we could take you anywhere, Wanderland destinations are chosen to feature and raise awareness about UNESCO and other projects that preserve land and heritage and their mission to identify, study, and protect the genius and patrimony of our species and of all creatures.