"Explore, learn, give, discover...wander"

Schools and Groups

Schools and Groups

We are high school and college educators with a passion for place-based education.  We want to provide your students with unforgettable travel-based learning experiences throughout the Americas.  Because we work only with small to medium - sized groups we can insure better teacher : student ratios and more effective learning.


  • Volunteering
  • Spanish
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Astronomy
  • Ecology
  • Social Justice
  • Organic Agriculture

Let us provide your teachers and students with a travel learning program that has significant and lasting benefits.  We offer well-organized, safe, and fun trips and projects.

Wanderland is devoted to bringing necessary assistance to tourism destinations through responsible travel and volunteering vacations.  We offer assistance to students as well in the form of scholarships when our grant funding allows.  And instructors take note: for each 10 students, we include the fare for one chaperone/teacher.

Check out our menu of great trips and projects below.  Tell us your school's or group's educational interest and we will help you develop an adventure around it.

Wanderland School Programs - Links to These Programs

Costa Rica Spanish Language Immersion - Adventuresome Español

Patagonia Community Gardens - Service Project

Atacama Region of Chile, Cultural Resource Preservation - Service Project

Costa Rica and Central America - Biodynamic & Organic Farming Model - Service Project

Costa Rica and the Americas - Seed Saving and Biodiversity Preservation -- Service Project

Havasupai Service Learning Adventure - Service Project

The Gray Whales of Baja California - Travel Education

The Grand Canyon East to West - Travel Education

The Patagonia Great Traverse - on Horseback - Travel Education

Want to know More?

These are  youth-oriented educational adventures.  Your school's travel with Wanderland will benefit local communities directly.  We only work with trusted local families and companies.  Our hosts are the very ones entrusted with the care of these valuable and sustainable tourism resources: beauty, history, uniqueness, and relevance.   Your students will experience an unforgettable and fulfilling learning adventure.