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Patagonia Multisport Edventure – Cochamó & Pumalín

 Custom Dates: December, January, February

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Duration: 8 Days, 8 nights
Start Location: Puerto Montt, Chile;  Patagonia Central
Price starting at: $3100.00 USD Contact us for seasonal prices and group rates.
Program Type: Trekking and Kayaking, Van / Horse Supported, Lodge-based and Camping.
Included: Transportation from  Pto Montt - Cochamó and return; guides; all meals; packhorses.

Patagonia  Trekking and Multi-Sport - The Cochamó Valley,

Come to 'Secret Patagonia' for Hiking and Sea Kayaking


Wanderland invites you to explore Chile's rich biodiversity and many important park conservancy efforts.  We continue our yearly adventures in Chile in the Rivers District of Central Patagonia along the Gulf of Corcovado - South America's  wonderland of glaciers, fjords, volcanoes, rainforests, and swift rivers.  This is Patagonia in its most verdant and most accessible form.

We are offering an 8 day trekking and sea-kayaking edventure hosted by Wanderland's professional coordinators and natural historians.  Comfortable lodgings and camps, great landscapes, terrific food, and excellent companionship will make this a jewel in your adventurer's crown.


You will get to know the unique  beauty and people of wild, central Patagonia along the fjordlands of the Reloncaví Sound.  Your host is a trained bi-lingual professional and natural historian, and your guides bi-lingual locals. Together they will enrich your experience of this richly bio-diverse and astonishingly scenic part of Chile.


Edventure Itinerary (Please contact us for a full itinerary)

Day 1 Puerto Varas / Las Juntas  - Cochamó, Reloncaví Fjord, Horse-supported Trekking    (1:30 hrs transfer) (5hrs / 9km /5.6 mi/ 350mts elevation change) (BL-C ) (lodging in refugio)

Day 2 Las Juntas/ Mirador Arco Iris -- Hiking and light climbing to a spectacular overview of the Cochamó Valley (Chile's Yosemite!).  (7hrs/4km/2.5mi/900mts elevation gain) (D-BL-C ) (lodging in refugio)

Day 3 Las Juntas / Río Puelo - -- Hiking out of the Valley, down along the Cochamó River.  Meet our private van and a short drive to our camp for the night.  Chilean asado!
(4hrs / 9km /5.6mi/ 350mts descent) (1:15 hrs transfer)( (D-BL-C ) (overnight in camping)

Day 4 Río Puelo / Termas de Pichicolo / Hornopirén -- Rest and Road Trip Day.  The Carretera Austral South to delicious hot-springs.  Private preserve hike.  Lovely camp on the fjord.
(2:30 hrs transfer)( (D-BL-C ) (overnight in camping)

Day 5 Hornopirén / Fiordo de Quintupeo -- Kayaking in the Quintupeo fjord.  Pumalín National Park.  Remote camp along the fjord with vista of massive granite peaks.
(3,5hrs /13km/8mi paddling) (D-BL-C ) (overnight in camping)

Day 6 Quintupeo / Termas de Cahuelmó -- Our longest paddling day.  We ride with the tides, so some evening paddling might be on the docket.  Cahuelmó Fjord!  Remote hot springs. Pumalín Park
(6hrs / 25km/16mi paddling) (D-BL-C ) (overnight in camping)

Day 7 Cahuelmó / Puerto Varas --  Paddling to Pichanco and our final port of call.  Gear breakdown and minibus to Puerto Varas.
(6hrs / 25km/16mi paddling) (D-BL ) (noche en Puerto Varas)

D-BL-C: Breakfast– Box Lunch - Dinner --  Gracias Miralejos!


The Learning

Your course is also aimed at immersing you and instructing you in the Spanish of Chile, a nuanced and well-preserved version of classic Castillian Spanish.  Your vocabulary, verb usage, and comprehension will be central to the immersion module. We apply both a conversational and a tool-using approach, along with great usage and pronunciation coaching.  Chile is the perfect classroom.

CURRICULUM -- Spanish Immersion:  Conversation, Comprehension, and Usage; Local Toponymy; Pre-Historic Perspectives of Chile; Native Plants and Invasives; Chilean Huaso Culture; Chile and Chilean Culture; Northern Patagonia Geography and History; Mapuche Indigenous Cultures; Chilean Toponymy; The Valdivian Rainforest Complex; Botany of Alerces and Nothofagus species; Geology of Andean Formation and Modern Volcanic Terrains;  The Cochamó Valley and the Puelo Region, its protection and challenges; Chilean Backcountry Cuisine.


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