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Chile MTB Tour - Lakes

Custom Dates: Nov, Dec, Jan, Mar, Apr :: Book Early.
Duration: 15 Days with Custom Options
Location: Araucanía and Lakes Regions, Chile
Price starting at: $4300 Includes all program-related activities (except airfare and asides), lodging, and all but two dinners on your own. Other pricing for groups available.
Program Type: Guided Multi-Surface Bicycle Touring; Lodge Based
Meals: All but 2 dinners included

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Cyclotouring and Multisport Program in Chile - A Lodge-Based Guided Educational Adventure

This program is designed for groups and families made up of a mix of devoted cyclists with 'so-so' cycling enthusiasts, It's ideal if maybe you do not want to ride every day, and also if you do!  How so?

We base out of 4 hub towns where there are lots of options, and provide great daily rides for the cyclists.  If you are not up for biking that day you can take off from the lodge and do your own thing.  On certain days of the trip we will be leaving the bikes on the trailer and hitting the rivers, hot springs, and millennial forests for rafting, hikes, zip-lines, and therapeutic soaks.

A private and custom exploration of this region and its wonders awaits you.  Excellent food and terrific inns and hotels throughout the Aruacania and Lakes District make travels in this region a dream.  The geography is imposing as are the vistas, towering volcanoes and deep blue finger lakes grace every turn.  This region of Chile is a delightful mix of  cultures and life ways that will introduce you to a Chile that is both charmingly rural and deliciously urbane.


Your Itinerary in Chile

The Travel:  This itinerary is based out of four principle towns in the Araucanian and Lakes District regions of the Middle South of Chile.  The meeting place is the city of Temuco.  We will be spending multiple days (2-3) in each of four locations and riding out from that base to enjoy the great roads in the region.  We might also ride between each townsite as well (based on group ability and desire) connecting the dots with delightful and scenic - and challenging - back roads of the Araucanian and Lakes regions.

Time of Year: November through April  (Except February when the Chilenos  and Argentinos are all on vacation and so we stay away; too much traffic.)

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall

Daily Distances:  16 to 45 miles per day, average is 30 miles per day with time to explore and enjoy each byway.  Longer days are on more level terrain.

Roads: Secondary and Tertiary Routes. No Pan-Americana Highway at all.  Pavement predominates and we also will roll some fine hardpacked dirt roads and cobbly ripio surfaces.

Traffic:  Certain routes will see more traffic.  Weekday travel is better in most locations.  Truck traffic cannot be avoided all the time but the route is especially designed to avoid population concentrations and stay rural and enjoyable = we minimize traffic by choosing appropriate routes and days of the week.

Terrain:  Mountainous and Rural.  One volcano after another in the Andean chain - but with perfect low passes and lakes in-between each one.  Some days our route crosses many drainages and so ascends and descends sharply. Other days we are freewheeling on flat, open roads.  Grarl available!

Elevation Max/Min: 0 to 5000 feet, but never in one day!  Elevation gains during our rides will range from 200 to 3000 feet.  An average day's climbing is about 1800 feet.  Chile is rugged.

Sample Basic Itinerary (Contact us for a detailed Itinerary)

Day 0 – Departure from Your Country

Days 1- 3 The Curacautin Region

Arrive to Temuco. Transfer to lodging.  Great riding through an area of unique Araucarian forests, slumbering volcanoes, hot springs resorts and national parks.  Cycling and hiking and private thermal pools.

Day 4Conguillillo National Park and Melipeuco.  Volcanoes and lakes and temperate rainforests.  Excellent cycling roads.

Days 5 and 6Exploring the Melipeuco area by bike.  China Muerta Pass and Flowers Valley.

Day 7 To Villarrica and Pucon – Into the Lakes District.  Rural roads and river valleys.

Days 8 -11 Exploring the Pucon Area.  Rides to Caburga, Cañi Preserve, Huife, and Villarrica National Park.  Rafting.  Hikes.  Lake Kayaking.

Days 12 – 15The Valdivia Area.  Transfer to Valdivia.  Local explorations around Valdivia.  Reserves for hiking, Coastal Route Cycling.  Coast Range Cycling.

Day 16 – Departure Midday from Temuco


Itinerary Notes: 

Riding time each day can run from 3 to 6 hours.  The rides average about 45 miles and cover relatively hilly terrain.  There are so many scenic moments that the daily ride time has to take into account your shutter time!

Riding generally begins by 8am and concludes by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, weather allowing.


BIKES:  Price includes mountain bike rental.   We have excellent bikes that are updated regularly. Bikes included in the program price are basic hardtails with tires suitable for dirt and road conditions.  However we also have high-end bikes available for rental at an additional fee of about $30 to $50 usd per day depending on models.   Many participants choose to bring their own mountain touring bike or cross-bike.   We have easy guidelines on how to pack your bike and your gear for the airlines or other shipping.  We’ll provide you with an equipment list to help dial in your packing as well a suggested list of bike components you might like to bring such as pedals, saddle, seatpost rack and other items for personally fitting your ride.

Bringing Your Bike:  A mountain bike or stout hybrid set up for touring with cross tires and rear rack.  Simpler bikes that won't give you mechanical headaches are recommended.  Hydraulic systems have been problematic.

GETTING HERE:  You will take an international flight to Santiago and then a internal flight of only an hour to Temuco (LAN / TAM is the recommended carrier for internal flights).  Your guides will meet you at the Temuco airpark and shuttle you to your first night’s accommodations.  You must arrive to Temuco before noon on the first day.


A Quick Geography of Chile

The Southern Cone, or Cono Sur, is made up of both Chile and Argentina.  This vast region is shaped like a huge arrowhead pointing south, a broad and massive compass needle pointing at the South Pole.  This is the Cono Sur, the Southern Cone.  The rugged cordillera of the Andes forms a 3000 mile backbone that captures moisture from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the form of snow and ice.  From the snow-capped crests, great rivers tumble to seas carrying the erosion of the mountains to the coast.  Generally, the rivers that flow down eastern flank of the Andes on the Argentine side end up in the Atlantic and on the west flanks, on the Chilean side, the rivers flow into the Pacific.  The rugged crest of the Andes forms the border.

Chile, in all of its myriad realities, is our beloved base of operations each winter.  The country of Chile is a narrow but diverse region that runs from 18.5 degrees south Latitude to 56 degrees south Latitude.  On the East - West axis the country is rail thin, just 400 km at the widest point, but contains the extremes of elevation from 22,000 feet at Aconcagua to sea level.  Chile extends from the border with Peru in the north to the Drake Passage where it submerges for a bit and then resurfaces as the tail of Antarctica and runs all the way to the South Pole. Chile is many worlds packed into a stocking.

In Chile the four directions are Norte-Sur and Cordillera-Mar:  north to south , mountain range to sea.  ¡Hacia la cordillera!  To the Mountains!

The Araucanía and The Lakes District, where this edventure takes place, is a particularly lovely section of Chile.  It is defined by picturesque, snow-capped volcanoes and many shimmering finger lakes as well as several fine towns and cities that are well-heeled to receive travelers with great restaurants and fine lodging.

We particularly love this area of Chile for mountain bike touring for the fine infrastructure and the many options for worthwhile asides to educational sites and adventurous activities.

CURRICULUM —  Wanderland Educational Travel makes adventures with a full thematic of learning about the regions where you will travel.  This Program: Chile and Southern Cone Geography;  basics of Chilean Castillian Spanish;  Chilean History – Settlement Patterns; Teutonic Influences on Chilean Settlement Patterns   Southern Chile – Contemporary Cultures and Issues;   Andean Geology and Lakes District Formation and Glacial History;  Valdivian Rainforest Complex and UNESCO World Heritage Designation;  Biodiversity of the Valdivian Forest Region;  Tourism Industry of the Lakes District;  Mapuche and Pehuenche Cultures – Pre-History, History, and Contemporary Issues;  Chilean Toponymy – Mapudungun Meets Manuel Montt;  And So Much More!!!



Wanderland Guided Itinerary Includes

  • A 15 –Day Bike Tour
  • All on-the-ground travel in the itinerary.
  • Support Vehicle
  • All Lodging - 15 nights double occupancy
  • Two Professional Guides and Mechanic
  • Field Classes on Chile’s uniqueness.
  • All Meals except 2 dinners on your own.
  • Tee-Shirt
  • Map Packet and Educational Material
  • Chile Travel Particulars
  • Bike Rental - Trek 4000 series mountain bike or similar

Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • bike rental other than what we provide

Tuition:  $4300