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Trans-Andes Patagonia Horseback Field Course

Experiential Equestrian Trekking : The Virgin Steppes in Argentina to the Lush Valdivian Forests of Chile.  A Wanderland Field Study Module on Six Legs!

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Duration: 14 Days, 13 nights
Location: From Bariloche, Argentina to Puerto Varas, Chile.
Price starting at: $5400 - $7900 – Price varies based on number of clients – please contact us for details.
Program Type: Equine Educational Trekking, Lodge Based, Pioneer Trails, Experiential
Meals: Included.


Ride the stout criollo breed from the virgin steppes in Argentina to the lush Valdivian Forests of Chile. Your field course will explore a unique fourteen day East to West traverse along the 41.5 degree South Latitude. With eleven days of riding and a couple of two-night overstays you will get to learn about a region that is a treasured, and threatened, biome and as well is rich in Colonial and pre-contact history. Criollo and Chilean horses will take you through estancias and fundos, private pastoral landholdings -- crossing verdant grassland pampas, indescribable forests, and clear rivers. Come and ride with the gauchos and huasos, the cowboys of Argentina and Chile, two different cultures, one spirit.


This ride across the historic pioneers’ trail through rural valleys deep in the Andes is the perfect opportunity for our interpretive guides to introduce you to the fascinating geography and culture of these two countries. Wanderland offers you an exclusive journey into the rural Gaucho and Huaso cultures, the cowboys and horsemen of Chile and Argentina. Enjoy the adventure and relaxation of an old way of life in the pristine Patagonian wilderness. We travel from Bariloche, Argentina across the Andes, ending in Puerto Varas in Chile on the shores of Lake Llanquihue.

The route we take is an exciting one but not particularly demanding. The trail conditions on certain days will be more rugged and on some days we will be in the saddle longer than others when we have to cover a particular distance. This temperate rainforest is crisscrossed by small drainages and on specific days the trail requires several river crossings, which are great fun and allow riders to experience the local way of traveling. Some steep up hills and undulating terrain could turn just a bit more demanding if the weather is not good.

This adventure ride is an excellent way to practice managing many different styles of terrain and allows you to ride one of the toughest horse breeds in the world. Clients may canter on open ground, trot in the forest, or simply enjoy the ride at their own relaxing pace.

On our journey we are invited into the homes of local pioneers for a unique opportunity to experience their way of life.  The extremely charming but often rustic homes offer basic accommodation mostly in twin, triple or dorm rooms with shared facilities and hot showers.  A couple of days we will be in backwoods camps with mattresses. Food will be organically grown and sourced from local gardens, local beef and lamb will be cooked in the tradition of the delicious Chilean asado (bbq).  Two nights we will be on the island Las Bandurrias in comfortable cabañas. We stay in a well-equipped 2-story cottage heated by firewood; the same system heats water for showers.


The route across the Andes and the places we overnight offer a close study of the coigue (Chilean nothofagus evergreens) and Alerce (redwood) forests of the Valdivian Cordilleran Forest Complex, a UNESCO gem, the epitome of an extremely biodiverse temperate rainforest.

CURRICULUM — Trans-Andean Equine Edventure :: Chile and Southern Cone Geography, the ConoSur;  basics of the Argentine Spanish Dialect and Chilean Castillian Spanish;  Argentine and Chilean Regional History – Settlement Patterns; European Influences on ConoSur Settlement Patterns   Patagonia – Contemporary Cultures and Issues;   Argentine Gaucho and Chilean Huaso, Two countries, Two Patagonian Equestrian Traditions;  Unique Horse Breeds of the ConoSur; Andean Geography and Geology and the 41.5 parallel Geologic Setting, Formation and Glacial History;  Valdivian Rainforest Complex and UNESCO World Heritage Designation;  Biodiversity of the Valdivian Forest Region;  Tourism Industry of the Patagonia District;  Mapuche and Pehuenche Cultures – Pre-History, History, and Contemporary Issues;  ConoSur Toponymy – Mapudungun Meets Manuel Montt;  And So Much More!!!

Outline of Itinerary --  Argentina to Chile  (Contact us for a much more detailed itinerary.)
Day  01: Bariloche
Day 02: Bariloche / Rio Pichileufu
Day 03: Río Pichileufú/ Nacimiento Alto Chubut
Day  04 : Chubut  Valley /  Mt  Las Serruchas pass.
Day 05: Mt Las Serruchas /Fitalancao
Day 06: Fitalancao/ Ñorquinco / Maiten / El Bolsón
Day 07: El Bolsón / Bandurrias Island
Day 08: Bandurrias Island / Lago Azul
Day 09: Las Rocas / Lago Verde
Day 10: Lago Verde / Ventisqueros
Day 11: Ventisqueros
Day 12: Ventisqueros / Rio Puelo
Day 13: Llanada Grande / Puerto Varas
Day 14: Puerto Varas / Airport

2 People -- USD 7,900 P/P

3 People -- USD 7,390 P/P

4 – 6 People -- USD 6,000 P/P

7 – 10 People -- USD 5,400 P/P

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