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Chile Summit to Suds MTB Touring

Start and End Dates: 2017:  January 22-29

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Duration: 8 days, 8 nights & custom options
Location: Pucón to Valdivia, Chile
Price starting at: $2900.00
Program Type: Backroads cycling, Lodge-based, Full Support; Largely Inclusive; Edventure; Special Event: German Heritage Festival
Meals: Scrumptious; All Included; except one dinner on your own.

Wanderland --  The Backroads of Chile's Lakes District From The Andes to the Coast


Town-to-Town on Mountain Bikes:  Pucón – Coñaripe -  Panguipulli – Riñihue – Los Lagos – Valdivia – Pacific!  Up to 200 miles of amazing Lakes District backroads.

Multisport:  MTB Cyclo-touring, Hiking; Rafting & Lake Kayaking OPTIONS

Culture:  Hot Springs Spas, Chilean Gastronomy, ¡Bierfest!, Edventure!

Your trek will enjoy a perfect slice of Chile on fat-tire mountain bikes and graded backroads.  From the mountainous heights of the Southern Andes to the wave-tossed Pacific shoreline in eight days.  We have found a terrific thread of lightly-traveled terrain through the Villarrica and Seven Lakes wonderlands of the Chilean Lakes District.



Chile enjoys soaring Summits and Sudsy coastline throughout its 3000+ mile length from 18 degrees South Latitude to 60 degrees South Latitude and is ripe for these Summit to Shore trips.  This itinerary traces the parallel East to West along 39.5 Degrees South in Chile.  Wanderland offers several field courses like this one that track the ideal seasonal weather windows that are found at specific latitudes in specific seasons throughout the Southern Cone.  Late January in the 39.5 is a great weather window inn the Lakes District, the bubble of ideal climate for this study.


Like all of our treks this one features the astounding natural and cultural wonders of Chile, its national parks, preserves, and culturally significant landscapes.  You will travel by mountain bike for close to 220 miles on a unique backroads and dirt roads edventure. Your belongings will be shuttled along in the support vehicle….along with plenty of water, snacks, and electrolytes.  We stay in comfortable little inns and hotels or cabins with private rooms each night.  The route begins in the astonishing beauty of the Lakes District of Southern Chile and winds through ancient forests, riparian habitats, and isolated villages to the inviting warmth of the coastal region of Valdivia and the Pacific ocean.  Our edventure trek will provide you with safety and support in addition to a fascinating curriculum (see below).  The guides and hosts are all expert mechanics and riders.

Features:  This trip will present some of Chile's most rewarding and beautiful mountain cycling routes.  Our route traverses the rolling pre-cordillera, the dense temperate Araucaria rainforests  (UNESCO World Heritage Site designated) and climbs to protected preserves at the passes between smoking volcanoes.  We will get to visit eight lakes.

Sample Itinerary - Summit to Suds

Day 1    Arrival --PM Meet your Wanderland trip leader in Pucón. (Airport and bus station pickup no problem.)  Transfer to Lodging.   Orientation.  Sumptuous welcome dinner and FUELING for Fun!

Day 2    Pucón Area Riding and Rafting -  Pucón is an adventure wonderland and we are going to explore it thoroughly!  Riding AM, Rafting PM. Chilean cuisine!

Day 3    Pucón to Coñaripe -- Villarrica National Park.  Over the shoulder of the smoldering volcano.

Day 4    Coñaripe to Panguipulli -- Seven Lakes Region.  Amazing vistas of Lakes and Volcanoes.

Day 5    Panguipulli to Riñihue -- Beutiful roads of the Central Valley and Lakes Region.                                                                                               A special night's lodging.

Day 6    Riñihue to Los Lagos -- Across the river and through the woods.    ¡Asado!

Day 7    Los Lagos to Valdivia and the Bierfest! -- Rural roads along the Calle Calle River into Valdivia and the Kunstmann Fest.

Day 8   Valdivia to the Coast --  Riding to the Pacific coastal town of Niebla and cyclo-exploring little towns along the Valdiviain Coast.   Fest!

Day 9   Departure

Please contact us for a more detailed itinerary.


Important Information

DATES AND AVAILABILITY: The program dates are set to the schedule of the Bierfest in Valdivia.  However, custom dates can be arranged for small groups from November through March.  Contact us for custom group reservations.

ACTIVITIES FEATURED in this itinerary:  Mountain biking, hiking, rafting, lake kayaking, and hot springs.

TRAVEL:  We travel from point to point on the bikes on this trip with our luggage following in the support vehicle.

Medium/High --  This route is frequently challenging both in the demands of the riding and in the potential climatic conditions we might face.  Expect to have 5 to 7 hours of activity each day.  This is a trip for novice to experienced riders, not for beginners.

CYCLING AND ROADS:  We will travel a combination of smooth dirt roads, paved backroads, and gentle two-track.   Elevation gain and loss on this trip follows a profile where 5% - 15% grades grace each day, but rarely are they sustained grades.   You will be biking on a combination of deep-in the-mountains dirt roads and paved tertiary highways.  Maximum elevation is about 7000 feet and minimum is 0!   Maximum climbing in one day is from 2500 to 4500 (2000 feet), but most days are rolling terrain.    The surfaces of the dirt roads are mostly hard-packed and relatively smooth, but we can assure you of some rubble along the way.  We have the routes designed so that 40 or 50 k of enjoyable and scenic, and challenging, countryside will roll underneath you each day.   The roads are not heavily traveled and we plan to be at certain locations at certain days of the week to avoid vehicles and crowds, for the most part.  We always provide you with 'rolling-enclosure' so that we have a vanguard rider and a rearguard vehicle notifying oncoming traffic of the cyclists.  Our sag vehicle takes all personal gear between hotels and cabins and shadows us with lunch and beverages at just the right time. It is possible to mountain bike as much or as little as you like.  The support vehicle can carry those who choose to ride less or not at all on any particular day.

CLIMATE:  While we cannot predict the weather conditions that our treks will experience, we do choose our travel schedules to correspond with the best available conditions.  Some rain might accompany us, but more sun is the norm.     Weather and temperatures are influenced by elevation and geography.  At the start we are in a higher elevation mountainous region of  temperate rainforests, next we arrive to lowland agricultural areas of the central valley, and then to the Pacific Coast and the influences of the ocean and the Humboldt Current.  December and March are cooler while January, February, and March can be hotter.

BIKES:  Most participants choose to bring their own mountain touring bike or cross-bike.  Bikes included in the program price are basic hardtails with tires suitable for dirt and road conditions.  However we also have high-end bikes available for rental at an additional fee of about $30 to $50 usd per day depending on models.   We have easy guidelines on how to pack your bike and your gear for the airlines elsewhere on this site.  We'll provide you with an equipment list to help dial in your packing as well a suggested list of bike components you might like to bring such as pedals, saddle, seatpost rack and other items for personally fitting your ride.

MEALS:  All meals except three are included in the price of the trip (two dinners and a lunch on your own.  We have arrangements with fine restaurants along the route to provide us with great lunches and dinners.  Breakfasts are continental, in the style of the country.  We recognize the need for cyclists to have plenty of calories stored up before the day's ride.   Lunches will be found at waypoints along our route, Chile abounds in simple, excellent eateries wherever you might wander. We think you will like the many varieties of empanadas, a small local triangular meat and veggie pie, that you will get as trail fuel along the trail.  Snacks and plenty of electrolytes and water will available every day.  At two points along the route you will be able to select from several local restaurants in the small towns that we visit to eat at your own pleasure and leisure.  The typical foods of this region are quite familiar to you, chicken, beef, goat, eggs, beans and grains provide the proteins.  All your familiar garden vegetables and fruits are grown locally in the rich soils of the river valleys.  The Pacific provides a wealth of great fish and shellfish.

LODGING:  This is a lodge-based trip.  Each night we will be sharing comfortable multi-room cabins or neat little lodges.  All of the accommodations are at least three star, and some nights four star.


The Learning --A Quick Geography Lesson on Chile and the Southern Cone

The geography and culture of this unique region will come alive  as our educational staff and various speakers introduce you to the history, science , and significance of the Lakes District. Your field trek starts in an incredible volcanic region of the Chilean Andes and traces a typical cross-section of Chile: Cordilleran Volcanoes in the East, fertile central valley lands and a district of finger lakes and bright blue rivers, traversing a coastal mountain range of eroded hills and temperate forests, and finally down to the Pacific coast with beaches and rocky cliffs.  We offer this trek only once per year to correspond with the dates of Valdivia’s famous German festivals.

CURRICULUM -- Tectonic to Teutonic :: Chile and Southern Cone Geography;  basics of Chilean Castillian Spanish;  Chilean History - Settlement Patterns; Teutonic Influences on Chilean Settlement Patterns   Southern Chile - Contemporary Cultures and Issues;   Andean Geology and Lakes District Formation and Glacial History;  Valdivian Rainforest Complex and UNESCO World Heritage Designation;  Biodiversity of the Valdivian Forest Region;  Tourism Industry of the Lakes District;  Mapuche and Pehuenche Cultures - Pre-History, History, and Contemporary Issues;  Chilean Toponymy - Mapudungun Meets Manuel Montt;  And So Much More!!!


•    Local, professional, bi-lingual guide-educator; Mechanic
•    Lodging each night
•    Private transportation: Sag Wagon!
•    Support vehicle, bikes (see below).
•    Full board (meals designed for active itinerary) (One dinner on your own.)
•    Entrance fees (Except Chilean airport tax)
•    All activities in the itinerary except those noted as 'Optional Asides'

•    International and local flights
•   Alcohol.  One dinner. Guide Gratuity.

BEFORE AND AFTER:  Customizing Your Itinerary --  We offer four to twelve day lodge-based excursions throughout Chile and Argentina. Consider combining with another of our excellent educational explorations in Chile, Argentina, or Peru.

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