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A Grand Canyon Edventure - Science & Significance

The Grand Canyon East to West - An Educational Adventure

Custom Dates: April and November Cataract Canyon 1

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Duration: 6 Days, 5 nights
Location: Northern Arizona.
Price starting at: $3,100, based on 10 guests – All Inclusive.
Program Type: Natural History, Light Hiking, Lodge Based,Road Trip
Meals: All

Grand Canyon East to West - Science and Significance

Course Overview

The first scientific explorers to encounter this vast canyon carved into the Plateau lands of northern Arizona recognized immediately that it was a perfect natural laboratory.  Indeed, Grand Canyon would teach us more about the history of the earth than any other single geographical feature.

Wanderland welcomes you to explore this amazing landscape on its own terms, you will get to know Grand Canyon front to back and top to bottom.  The geography and history of this unique destination will resolve right out of the fine trails and defined rock layers, with a little help from  our great naturalists.

Six Ways in Six Days :  Our Grand Canyon exploration will show you from coach comfort, with light hiking, from horseback, from the air, and on the rockin' Colorado River this profound geographical and cultural wonder from beginning to end.  The Grand Canyon is our home turf, a place where we can certainly open your eyes to depths beyond those of the canyon herself.


Your study will involve horseback riding, aerial surveys of the canyon, some hiking, as well as interaction with the Navajo, Hopi, and Hualapai who are your hosts for much of this traveling field course.  An rare opportunity to learn the stories behind the scenery.

See Recommended Reading List in your sign-up material for pre-course preparation.

See you at the Canyon!

ITINERARY – The Grand Canyon East to West

Day 1  -  Meet at South Rim Village of Grand Canyon National Park. Orientation.
Day 2  -  Field trips on South Rim park roads and trails. Overflight of canyon in PM. Speaker.
Day 3  -  To Peach Springs. Route 66 kicks. Arizona’s grasslands. Evening speaker.
Day 4  -  Survey the Colorado by boat, 3/4 day; with helicopter to the rim.
Day 5  -  Grand Canyon West.  The Hualapai Skybridge. Geology of the rim by horseback.
Day 6  -  Flagstaff.  Wupatki and Sunset Crater National Monuments. GC East.

CURRICULUM: Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau Geology, Natural History, Human History and Pre-History; Issues Facing GC and Parks; Colorado Plateau Bioregionalism; Botany and Life Zones of the GC and SW US; Water in the Southwest; Native American Socio-Economic Realities in the GC Region;  the Hualapai Nation; Health and wellness issues on the Rez; Arizona today and tourism in the Southwest.  A short-course in Southwest Studies.

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